Dietary Fiber

The total dietary fiber content of foods can be determined using a combination of enzymatic and gravimetric methods. We offer convenient kits based on the procedure specified in AOAC Method 2009.01 for this application. Samples of dried, fat-free foods are gelatinized with heat stable amylase. The mixture is then enzymatically digested with protease and amyloglucosidase to remove protein and starch. Ethanol is added to precipitate the soluble dietary fiber. The residue is then filtered and washed with ethanol and acetone. After drying, the residue is weighed. Half the sample is analyzed for protein, and the other half is ashed. Total dietary fiber is calculated as the weight of the residue less the weight of the protein and ash.

Technical Article:
Enzymatic Food Analysis

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TDFC10 Dietary Fiber, Total, Assay Control Kit sufficient for ≥10 assays
TDF100A Total Dietary Fiber Assay Kit sufficient for ~100 assays