Supelcarb® Split Vent Trap

Most capillary GC methods split some of the sample in the injection port away from the column.

  • When operating in the split injection mode, the split is always open
  • When operating in the splitless injection mode, the split valve is typically opened after 0.5 - 2 minutes to drive any residual solvent vapors away from the column to minimize the solvent tail

These vapors are released through a split vent port, commonly located on the front of the instrument. Some type of engineering control needs to be used to protected users from breathing in these potentially harmful vapors. One method is to attach flexible tubing to the split vent port, and run it to a fume hood. A less cumbersome (and more aesthetic) approach is to attach a carbon scrubber directly to the split vent port.

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22536 Supelcarb® Split-Vent Trap Starter kit (1 trap and attachment fittings)
2253502 Supelcarb® Split-Vent Trap Replacement trap, pkg of 2 ea
2253505 Supelcarb® Split-Vent Trap Replacement trap, pkg of 5 ea