Tests for semi-quantitative determination (color charts)

Sigma-Aldrich offers easy, inexpensive and quick to use semi-quantitative methods for analyzing a large variety of analytes in water, including metals (such as iron, arsenic or chromium), anions (e.g. cyanide, chloride) and organic substances (e.g. ascorbic acid, formaldehyde or phenol).

Each kits contains the reagents, detailed instructions and a color chart needed for the analysis. Some test strips can be used without additional reagents to perform direct semi-quantitative determinations within a few minutes.

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37212 Ammonium test kit Quantofix® 10-400 mg/L (ammonium)
37400 AQUANAL-plus ammonium (NH4) 0.2-8.0 mg/L test set with color comparator and check solution
37064 Arsenic 50 test kit Quantofix®
37066 Calcium test kit Quantofix® 10-100 mg/L (Ca2+)
37070 Cyanide test kit Quantofix® 1-30 mg/L (CN-)
37211 Fluoride test kit box of 30 discs (incl. reagent)
37072 Formaldehyde test kit Quantofix® 10-200 mg/L (HCHO)
37210 Phosphate test kit Quantofix® 3-100 mg/L (PO43-)
37202 Potassium test kit Quantofix® 200-1500 mg/L (K+)
Z166383 Quantofix® test strips Iron 1000
Z166391 Quantofix® test strips Iron 100 (Fe2+)