Irradiation By-Products

The irradiation of food is a technique used to destroy microorganisms, fungi, and some insects, such as fruit flies. The purpose is to make food safer, decrease spoilage, and increase shelf life. Published methods include:
  • EN 13751: Photon Stimulated Luminescence (PSL)
  • EN 13708: Electron Spin Resonance (ESR)
  • EN 1788: Thermoluminescence (TL)
  • EN 13784: DNA-comet Assay

Although irradiated foods have minimal health risk, the process may change its chemical makeup. Some types of irradiation treatments have been shown to produce free radicals as by-products in fat-containing foods such as meats and nuts. Food that have undergone treatment with ionized radiation cannot be sold in Europe, and must be declared in many other countries. Detection of radiation by-products is used as an indicator of food irradiation.Sigma-Aldrich offers standards for several common irradiation by-products to assist with proper identification.

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44197 2-Dodecylcyclobutanone analytical standard
52206 1,7-Hexadecadiene analytical standard
93851 DL-o-Tyrosine ≥96.0% (NT)