High-Flow Base Plate Purifier Systems for LC-MS Nitrogen

The two cartridge base plate SGT Super Cleanpurifier system is specifically designed to meet the high-flow purity requirements of the LC-MS instrument. Two versions are available, one for hydrocarbon removal, and one for moisture removal.

  • Permanent connections
  • Continous operation
  • Quick cartridge change-out and no tools required
  • Vertical design requires very little bench space
  • Indicator capability for moisture
Super Clean high-flow base-plate design purifiers are a unique point-of-use glass/metal, diffusion proof purification system to purify nitrogen for LC-MS units. These high-flow purifiers remove hydrocarbons or moisture (color indicated) to better than 6.0 gas (99.9999%) quality at 2 L/min, independent of the original gas quality. These units can be used at up to 20 L/min. flow rates.

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SU861050 Super Clean (Base-Plate Design) O-ring Set includes 10 small and 10 large
SU861029 Super Clean (High-Flow Base-Plate Design) Gas Purifier hydrocarbon, without indicator