Post Column Reaction

Assemble your own system and Save!
The equipment needed to perform postcolumn reactions can be relatively simple. These components enable you to easily and economically construct your own system. We recommend using a 5 cm x 4.6 mm column filled with 250 mm beads when peak volumnes are large. Our Mixing Column Hardware Kit (Cat. No. 58319), contains a 5 cm x 4.6 mm I.D. column blank, two fittings, two frits, and 2 in./5 cm of 1/16 in. tubing. For small peak volumes, use a column filled with 75 mm beads, or a single bead string reaqctor (30 cm of 0.5 mm I.D. PTFE tubing filled with 250 mm beads).

Use our ready-to-use single bead string reactors, or prepare your own from our PTFE tubing, 1/16 in. internal uniions, and silane treated glass wool (for terminating the reactor). The delay tubes (Cat. Nos. 59206 and 59207) are knitted PTFE tubing.

Improve sensitivity for amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates, inorganic ions, pesticides, and other samples. In postcolumn reactions, column effluent is mixed with a reagent before it enters the detector. The reaction can increase detection sensitivity or enable you to use more selective conditions (e.g.,a different UV wavelength). The reaction can be as simple as changing the pH of the effluent, but the results often are significant. A postcolumn reaction system can be used to perform derivatizations or other reactions. It can be used with fluorescence, electrochemical, conductivity, and UV/visible detectors.