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Solvents for LC-ICP-MS

In food and beverages, many diverse species of an element can be present and different species of the same element can possess very different degrees of toxicity. Monitoring elemental species requires an analytical method that is sensitive and specific enough to resolve and quantify the individual species at ultra-trace levels, as an individual toxic species may constitute only a fraction of an element′s total concentration in a sample. LC-ICP-MS is a commonly used hyphenated technique that straightforwardly couples the high seperating efficiency of LC with powerful ICP-MS ionization/detection of most elements on the periodic table.

Sigma-Aldrich offers high purity TraceSELECT® solvents for speciation analysis by LC-ICP-MS. TraceSELECT® solvents undergo rigorous purification procedures followed by UV spectroscopy, IC, and ICP-MS testing to assure high chemical purity and high UV transmittance. The blank values for metal traces in these solvents are in the ppb range or lower.

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43729 1-Methyl-2-pyrrolidinone for metal speciation analysis, ≥99.0% (GC)
14211 Water ACS reagent, for ultratrace analysis