Supelco® ColumnSaver Precolumn Filter

  • Economical protection for your guard or analytical HPLC column
  • No wrenches or tools required to install, fingertight to 5,000 psi
  • Lower dead volume than conventional filters with holders
  • Universal connection is compatible with all manufacturers fittings

The Supelco ColumnSaver offers all of the protection of conventional precolumn filters at much less the cost. With its convenient direct connect design, changeover time is measured in seconds, and requires no wrenches or tools to install.
The PEEK filter body contains a HiFlo filter element and is designed for maximum filtration of particulate matter with minimal dead volume or backpressure. As soon as an increase in backpressure is observed, simple remove and dispose of the Supelco ColumnSaver and install a new one. The direct connect design is compatible with all 1/16 in., 10-32 internal fitting ports regardless of the manufacturer.

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55214-U Supelco® ColumnSaver Precolumn Filter size 0.5 μm, pkg of 10 ×  ea
55215-U Supelco® ColumnSaver Precolumn Filter size 2.0 μm, pkg of 10 ×  ea