Supelco® Precolumn Filter

A precolumn filter is essential for protecting HPLC columns against particulate matter which can accumulate on the column frit, leading to split peaks and high backpressure. Sources of particles include mobile phases (especially when buiffers are mixed with organic solvents), leaking pump and injector seals, and samples. Use a 2.0 μm frit to protect columns containing 5 μm or larger particles, or a 0.5 μm frit for columns with particles smaller than 5 μm.
Direct-connect; protects analytical and guard columns. Our precolumn filter can be connected directly, hand-tighteneed, into any HPLC column or guard column that has Valco-compatible end fittings. PEEK cap and body, 2 μm stainless steel frit. For a metal-free system, order PEEK (biocompatible) replacement frits (57430-U).

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Z290874 Frit for Supelco® Filter stainless steel, pore size 0.5 μm, pkg of 5 ea
Z227331 Frit for Supelco® Filter stainless steel, pore size 2.0 μm, pkg of 5 ea
Z227323 Supelco® Precolumn Filter Direct-connect, PEEK