Supel Tox SPE Cartridges

Fast and Simple Cleanup for Mycotoxin Analysis

The need for a quick, simplistic sample cleanup approach prior to chromatographic mycotoxin analysis has brought about SPE cartridges that significantly decrease sample prep time, increase reproducibility, and are more user friendly as compared to the industry standard immunoaffinity columns. In addition the Supel Tox SPE approach requires less equipment and fewer consumables.
Unlike the multiple step "bind and elute" strategy implemented when using immunoaffinity columns, the Supel Tox AflaZea, DON, and Tricho SPE cartridges employ an "interference removal" strategy which saves time by eliminating wash steps prior to elution of aflatoxin, zearalenone, deoxynivalenol, and tricothecenes (type A and B), respectively. Cartridges removing interferences associated with analysis of the above and fumonisins (B1 and B2) as well as ochratoxin A are also available as a part of our Supel Tox product offering.

Features and Benefits
  • Removes interferences associated with mycotoxin analysis
  • Better reproducibility than the current industry standard, immunoaffinity columns
  • Basic and quick methodology, requires little additional method development
  • Sample preparation time is ten times faster than when using immunoaffinity columns
  • Improved shelf life over immunoaffinity columns due to thermally stable format
  • No refrigeration required for shipping and storage

Request Supel Tox samples for your method development needs:

View Supel Tox SPE Cartridges brochure including a chart outlining the sample purification strategy
Watch a 5-min Product Overview Video
Analysis of Aflatoxin in Corn Meal, Wheat Meal, and Raw Peanut Paste Matrices
SPE Cleanup of Wheat Extracts Prior to HPLC Analysis of the Mycotoxin Deoxynivalenol
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55314-U Supel Tox AflaZea volume 6 mL, pk of 30
55316-U Supel Tox DON volume 6 mL, pk of 30
55308-U Supel Tox Tricho volume 6 mL, pk of 30
55307-U Supel Tox TrichoBind size LRC, pk of 25