Deuterated Food Colors

Our food dye standard portfolio includes deuterated internal standards of some banned food colors. These standards provide accurate detection, as they show an optimal mass unit difference between the analyte and the standard, which prevents interference. In order to guarantee that your products are free of illegal contaminants, we offer Leucomalachite Green, Malachite Green, and Sudan as deuterated neat standards in 10 mg bottles. We offer Sudan I-d5 dissolved in acetonitrile.

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03647 Butter Yellow-(phenyl-d5) analytical standard
34182 Leucomalachite Green-d5 analytical standard
33944 Leucomalachite Green-d6 analytical standard
33945 Malachite Green-d5 picrate VETRANAL®, analytical standard
15703 Orange II-(naphthyl-d6) sodium salt analytical standard
34184 Sudan I-d5 analytical standard
32478 Sudan II-(naphthyl-d6) analytical standard
34161 Sudan IV-d6 analytical standard
90212 Sudan III-(naphthyl-d6) analytical standard