Glyceride & Glycerol Standards

Mono- and diglycerides are food additives which are used as emulsifiers to blend ingredients like oil and water. These mostly synthetic fats are produced from glycerol and one (monoglyceride) or two (diglyceride) natural fatty acids. They are often found in beverages, chocolate products, marmalade and jelly, cream and bakery products, and shortenings.

We offer neat standards for Mono- and Diglycerides. We also provide mixtures and customized KITs for Triglycerides.

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74009 1-Decanoyl-rac-glycerol analytical standard
18226 1,2-Dilinoleoyl-3-oleoyl-rac-glycerol analytical standard
68633 1,3-Dinonadecanoin analytical standard
76473 1,3-Dipalmitoyl-2-linoleoylglycerol analytical standard
73146 1,3-Dipalmitoyl-2-oleoylglycerol analytical standard
PHR1020 Glycerin Pharmaceutical Secondary Standard; Certified Reference Material
77067 Glycerol analytical standard
73105 Glyceryl tributyrate analytical standard
96373 Glyceryl trilinoleate analytical standard
52909 Glyceryl trinonadecanoate analytical standard
41679 Glyceryl trioleate analytical standard
74595 (±)-Glycidol analytical standard
1787-1AMP Lipid Standard, Mono-, Di-, & Triglyceride Mix certified reference material, pkg of 40 mg (Neat)
17811-1AMP Lipid standards: triglyceride mixtures certified reference material
75614 2-Palmitoylglycerol analytical standard
36484 2-Stearoylglycerol analytical standard
05099 Tricaprin certified reference material, TraceCERT®
17810 Triglyceride Mix C2 - C10, ampule of 100 mg (Neat)
IRMM801 Triglycerides in cocoa butter IRMM®, certified reference material