Sepax Technologies UHPLC Columns

Sigma-Aldrich welcomes four ultra-efficient HPLC column lines from Sepax Technologies to its comprehensive portfolio of columns for biopolymer separations.
The 3 micron Zenix® and Zenix-C and the 5 micron SRT® and SRT-C gel filtration columns are highly porous silica-based gel filtration columns for the analysis of peptides and proteins under fast flow HPLC conditions. Look to use Zenix and SRT columns in research and QC settings for the analysis of antibodies (mAbs), antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) and other biotherapeutics.
The principal difference between SRT and SRT-C, and between Zenix and Zenix-C columns is that the bonded phase layer for SRT and Zenix columns extend deeper into the pore structure, compared to the tightly wrapped bonded phases for the SRT-C and Zenix-C columns. From an application perspective, C-type columns are more hydrophilic, making them more suitable for analysis of such hydrophobic proteins as insulin, membrane proteins, and pegylated monoclonal antibodies.
The 1.7, 3, 5 and 10 micron non-porous resin particles in Proteomix and Antibodix ion exchange columns contain a high density network of anion or cation exchange groups that are readily accessible to even the largest biopolymers. Antibodix and Proteomix columns are highly efficient and durable, and can be used in HPLC and UHPLC systems. Both these columns lines provide solutions in research, method development and quality control of biopharmaceuticals and other water soluble polymers.