SRT® Gel Filtration Columns (5 micron)

SRT size exclusion columns are prepared from high purity, porous silica that is treated to provide the mechanical stability required for high performance HPLC analysis of biopolymers. The particles are derivatized with a uniform, hydrophilic bonded layer to minimize interaction of sample molecules with the silica surface. The proprietary surface technology results in excellent column-to-column reproducibility, while the composition of the bonded phase and the maximized bonding density impart excellent chemical stability and negligible non-specific interactions. In addition to the very high pore volume per unit column volume, SRT columns are available in six diffwerent pore sizes from 100 Å to 2000 Å, allowing the user to select the pore size that best matches the dynamic radius of the biopolymer, be it a peptide, protein, virus, or vaccine.
SRT-C SEC columns are packed with high purity and mechanically stable, 5 micron, silica particles which are derivatized with a uniform, chemically neutral, hydrophilic bonded phase that effectively shields the sample from interacting with the underlying silica. Since SRT-C columns can be operated up to 3500 psi pressure, they allow faster analysis and higher throughput than competitor columns. SRT-C columns are the preferred choice for relatively hydrophobic sample types such as insulin, membrane proteins and derivatized monoclonal antibodies.