BIOshell HPLC Columns

Fused-Core® HPLC columns are based on the pellicular silica technology developed by J. J. Kirkland at E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company in the late 1960s during the formative years of HPLC, and applied in recent years to create ultra-efficient Ascentis® Express columns packed with 2.7 or 5 micron core shell bonded phase silica particles.

The latest developments in this technology is now introduced as BIOshell Fused-Core reversed phase columns for biopolymer separations, featuring 2.7 and 5 micron, 160 Å pore size, BIOshell Peptide C18 and CN columns and 3.4 micron, 400 Å pore size, BIOshell Protein C4 columns for high efficiency separations proteins and other biopolymers.

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