Gel Filtration Calibration Standards

The Gel Filtration LMW and HMW Calibration Kits each contain well-defined protein standards that enable simple, reliable calibration of prepacked gel filtration columns and corresponding purification media from GE Life Sciences. Low (LMW) and high (HMW) molecular weight ranges vary from 6 500 to 75 000 Dalton and 43 000 to 669 000 Dalton respectively. Each kit contains five proteins that are lyophilized in individual vials. A separate Blue Dextran 2000 standard is included to determine the void fraction in the column. The kits are suitable for calibration of high-resolution gel filtration media and columns such as Superdex, Superose, and Sephacryl.

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GE28-4038-42 Gel Filtration Cal Kit High Molecular Weight Cytiva, 28-4038-42
GE28-4038-41 Gel Filtration Cal Kit Low Molecular Weight Cytiva, 28-4038-41