MonoBeads Ion Exchange Columns

Mono Q, S and P columns are prepacked with monodisperse 10 μm MonoBeads and are an excellent choice for small-scale polishing in purification of proteins, peptides, and other biomolecules when high purity is required. Monodisperse porous MonoBeads yield high resolution, dynamic capacity, reproducibility, and durability.

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GE17-5167-01 Mono Q® 10/100 GL
GE17-5179-01 Mono Q® 4.6/100 PE
GE17-5166-01 Mono Q® 5/50 GL
GE17-5168-01 Mono S® 5/50 GL
GE17-0506-01 Mono Q® HR 16/10
GE17-0507-01 Mono S® HR 16/10
GE17-0672-01 Mono S® PC 1.6/5