TSKgel® Gel Filtration Columns to Analyze mAb Purity and Aggregates

Tosoh Bioscience has been a leader in the SEC analysis of monoclonal antibodies and other protein-based biotherapeutics since the start of the biotechnology revolution. First introduced in 1978 as the TSKgel® SW-type column line, the particle size of high efficiency TSKgel SW-type columns has steadily decreased from 10 to 5, to 4 and now 3 micron, while maintaining high pore volume and physical stability. The latest innovations in TSKgel column technology are focused on improving the quality of the purity analysis of therapeutic monoclonal antibody solutions and the determination of dimer and aggregate content.

New TSKgel SW-type size exclusion columns and their mAb-related applications

  • TSKgel SuperSW mAb HR for high resolution analysis of mAb monomer and dimer
  • TSKgel SuperSW mAb HTP for high throughput analysis of mAb monomer and dimer (UHPLC compatible)
  • TSKgel UltraSW Aggregate for the analysis of mAb aggregates

In addition to the targeted benefits in resolution, throughput and aggregate analysis, the new TSKgel columns provide improvements in lot-to-lot variation and column life time, lower non-specific adsorption, and superior aggregate recovery.

As shown in the figure, TSKgel SW mAb columns produce a shallow calibration curve centered around the molecular mass of a typical monoclonal antibody (~150,000 Da). As expected, since the columns differ only in particle size, the calibration curves for the TSKgel SuperSW mAb HR and the current industry standard TSKgel G3000SWxl columns overlap over the entire molecular weight range, while the linear portion of the calibration curve for the TSKgel UltraSW Aggregate column extends to a molecular mass of a few million dalton, which, in addition to the three micron particle size, benefits the separation of dimers and higher order aggregates from the monomer.
Calibration Curves for TSKgel mAb Columns (reproduced with permission from Tosoh Bioscience LLC)
Characteristics of TSKgel mAb HPLC Columns

Product #



Particle Size

Length × I.D.

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808541 TSKgel® G3000SWXL HPLC Column diol phase
5 μm
30 cm × 7.8 mm
822857 TSKgel® SuperSW mAb HR Guard Column diol phase
4 μm
4 cm × 6 mm
822854 TSKgel® SuperSW mAb HR HPLC Column diol phase
4 μm
30 m × 7.8 mm
822858 TSKgel® SuperSW mAb HTP Guard Column diol phase
4 μm
2 cm × 3 mm
822855 TSKgel® SuperSW mAb HTP HPLC Column diol phase
4 μm
15 cm × 4.6 mm
808543 TSKgel® SWXL Type Guard Column diol phase
7 μm
4 cm × 6 mm
822859 TSKgel® UltraSW Aggregate Guard Column diol phase
3 μm
4 cm × 6 mm
822856 TSKgel® UltraSW Aggregate HPLC Column diol phase
3 μm
30 cm × 7.8 mm