Reagents for Dissolution Testing

Dissolution testing is an integral part of pharmaceutical quality control and development, and is used to determine critical information about drug release from solid oral dosage forms such as tablets. The dissolution methods and composition of dissolution media are detailed in general chapters and individual monographs. Our concentrates for dissolution media are designed to be used directly for testing after dilution to the target volume, as recommended by the literature.

  • Highly consistent quality
  • Save time by avoiding weighing and preparation steps
  • Available for 6, 10 and 25 L target volume

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1.00163 di-Boron trioxide for silicate analysis
1.05699 di-Lithium tetraborate for analysis
1.06306 di-Sodium tetraborate anhydrous for analysis
1.06310 di-Sodium tetraborate for analysis (ca. 85% Na₂B₄O₇)
1.06308 di-Sodium tetraborate decahydrate for analysis ACS,ISO,Reag. Ph Eur
1.03162 Eschka′s mixture GR for analysis (for determination of sulfur in coal)
1.15348 Kjeldahl tablets weight 5 g (tablet)without addition of Se and Hg
1.16469 Kjeldahl tablets (without addition of Se and Hg / Missouri catalyst) 5 g/tablet
1.10958 Kjeldahl tablets for Wieninger method 5g/tablet
1.18348 Kjeldahl tablets weight 3.5 g (tablet)without addition of Se and Hg
1.18469 Kjeldahl tablets (Missouri catalyst) 3.5g/tablet
1.12936 Oxidizing decomposition reagent for compounds containing P and N
1.06683 Potassium carbonate/sodium carbonate GR for analysis
1.08030 Selenium reagent mixture GR (for the determination of nitrogen acc. to Wieninger)
1.06563 Sodium peroxide granular for analysis ACS,ISO