Superdex 200 Gel Filtration Columns

Superdex 200 gel filtration media has a separation range for molecules with molecular weights between 10 000 and 600 000.
Superdex 200 GL columns have small bed volumes, which is useful for a range of applications such as screening solubilization conditions for membrane proteins, the study of protein-protein interactions, and rapid purity check of proteins. These columns are an excellent choice when time and sample/buffer consumption is more important than the highest resolution since less buffer and sample volumes are required.
Superdex 200 10/300 GL and 5/150 GL columns are prepacked in Tricorn column hardware.

Superdex 200 PC 3.2/30 is a prepacked Precision Column (2.4 mL) designed for analysis or micropreparative scale separations using a sample volume of 2 to 25 μL.

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GE28-9065-61 Superdex® 200 5/150 GL GE Healthcare, 28-9065-61, column L × I.D. 15 cm × 5 mm, 13 μm avg. part. size
GE29-0362-32 Superdex® 200 PC 3.2/300 GE Healthcare, 29-0362-32, column L × I.D. 30 cm × 3.2 mm, 13 μm avg. part. size