Superdex Peptide Gel Filtration Columns

Superdex Peptide columns are designed for high-resolution gel filtration of peptides and other small biomolecules with molecular weights between 100 and 7000.
Superdex Peptide PC 3.2/30 is an excellent choice for the polishing step in a purification procedure. Precision Columns (PC) are the preferred option for micro purification and analysis, using sample volumes in the range of 4 - 50 μL. The PC hardware design conveniently connects directly to high performance chromatography systems such as ÄKTA design.
Superdex Peptide 10/300 GL is a prepacked Tricorn column with an empty column volume of 24 mL. The maximum recommended sample volume is 250 μL.

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GE17-5176-01 Superdex® Peptide 10/300 GL GE Healthcare, 17-5176-01, column L × I.D. 30 cm × 10 mm, 13 μm avg. part. size