Scalable Specialty Carbon Adsorbents

Sixteen of our specialty carbon adsorbents are scalable, signifying that we can produce large amounts (>1,000 Kg annually) of these adsorbents in 20/40, 20/45, or 30/45 mesh. If you are investigating a specialty carbon adsorbent for a purification or recovery application, we recommend that you focus on those that are scalable to ensure we can meet your demand if one is found to be satisfactory. Suitable uses in the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, environmental, and other industries include:
  • Purification Applications. An interference removal technique is used to remove an impurity or impurities from a gas or liquid stream. An example is the purification of industrial gases/solvents, effluent streams, or raw materials.
  • Recovery Applications. A bind and elute technique is employed to first capture a compound or compounds from a gas or liquid, and then to recover the compound or compounds. Recovery can be through thermal or solvent desorption. An example is the recovery of a synthesized compound from a reaction mixture.

Our scalable specialty carbon adsorbents (only in 20/40, 20/45, or 30/45 mesh) have a “Y” in the “Sc” column on our Carbon Physical Characteristics chart, which can be found on our Physical Characteristics and Selection Guide page. We offer two convenient sampler kits when combined offer fourteen of our sixteen scalable specialty carbon adsorbents:
  • CMS/SGPC Kit II (P/N 13369-U) contains 5 g each of nine adsorbents, all in 20/45 mesh (Carboxen® 563, Carboxen 564, Carboxen 569, Carboxen 572, Carboxen 1005, Carboxen 1032, Carboxen 1033, Carboxen 1034, and Graphsphere 2017)
  • 20/40 GCB Kit (P/N 13027-U) contains 5 g each of five adsorbents, all in 20/40 mesh (Carbotrap® B, Carbotrap C, Carbotrap F, Carbotrap X, and Carbotrap Y)

Note: Purchase of any kit is limited to two per customer per calendar year.

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13369-U Carbon Adsorbent Sampler Kit matrix CMS/SGPC Kit II
13027-U Carbon Adsorbent Sampler Kit matrix 20/40 GCB Kit