Alcohol Standards

Cerilliant® offers a comprehensive portfolio of solution-based certified reference materials for blood alcohol/ethanol testing applications, including single-component ethanol standards, multi-component alcohol mixes, ethyl glucuronide & ethyl sulfate urinary metabolites, phosphatidylethanol (PEth) alcohol biomarkers and their stable-labeled internal standards. PEth, or phosphatidylethanol, is a group of phospholipids formed only in the presence of ethanol from the action of phospholipase D. These direct alcohol biomarkers demonstrate high sensitivities appropriate for determining moderate to heavy alcohol consumption. The superior sensitivity and specificity of blood PEth over other alcohol biomarkers for determining alcohol consumption has resulted in its wide use and recommendation in the US and EU as a confirmatory test for recent drinking. We have the exclusive rights to manufacture, sell, and market CRMs of major PEth analogs in all global markets.