Proteomix® Hydrophobic Interaction Columns

Proteomix® HIC columns are specially designed for high resolution and high efficiency separations of proteins, oligonucleotides and peptides. Utilizing proprietary surface technologies, Proteomix HIC-NP resin is made of non-porous polystyrenedivinylbenzene (PS/DVB) beads with narrow-dispersed particle size distribution. The PS/DVB bead is modified with alkyl groups or aryl group that provides hydrophobic interaction with analytes. Proteomix HIC-NP resin is highly rigid and mechanically stable. In comparison to silica based HIC phase media, Proteomix HIC-NP phases have advantages for biomolecule separations with wide pH range (2-12) and high thermal stability. The nonporous structure and narrow particle distribution offer special selectivity, high resolution separation of proteins such as mAb (monoclonal antibody), ADC (antibody drug conjugate) and related protein fragments, DNA and oligonucleotides. Proteomix HIC-NP media is applicable at laboratory discovery, laboratory-scale purification and process chromatography for the production of a few mgs to kilogram of proteins.