TSKgel® UP-SW3000 Columns

TSKgel UP-SW3000, the new 2 micron UHPLC column with 25 nm pore size, is the latest addition to the renowned TSKgel SW series. TSKgel UP-SW3000 represents the fifth generation of high performance gel filtration columns. They feature the same pore size as the well-established TSKgel G3000SWXL and facilitate method transfer from conventional gel filtration to UHPLC technology. The 15 cm column is used to shorten analysis time while maintaining resolution. The 30 cm column delivers dramatically increased resolution between fragments, monomers, and aggregates.

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80023451 TSKgel® UP-SW Direct Connect Guard Column for P/N 80023448/9 diol phase
2 μm
2 cm × 4.6 mm
80023450 TSKgel® UP-SW Guard Column for P/N 8002348/9 diol phase
2 μm
15 cm × 4.6 mm
80023448 TSKgel® UP-SW3000 HPLC Column diol phase
2 μm
30 cm × 4.6 mm
80023449 TSKgel® UP-SW3000 HPLC Column diol phase
2 μm
15 cm × 4.6 mm