Supel QuE Verde for Challenging Compounds in Green Matrices

Supel QuE Verde for QuEChERS combines a novel carbon with zirconia coated silica (Z-Sep+) to provide an optimum balance between analyte recovery and color removal. This sorbent combination has been shown to provide recoveries in the range of 70% to 120% of even the most challenging planar pesticides while maintaining >95% pigment removal in high cholorphyll matrices.
Supel QuE Verde is a mixture of an improved graphitized carbon black (GCB), Z-Sep+, and primary-secondary amine (PSA). The improved GCB has been optimized to balance chlorophyll removal and improve recoveries of planar pesticides. Z-Sep+ is a silica that is functionalized with both zirconia and C18. Zirconia will retain some fats and carotenoids, while C18 retains hydrophobic interferences. The PSA in the mix functions to remove acidic interferences. When used to clean samples containing chlorophyll, this sorbent blend will provide better recovery of planar pesticides than sorbents containing traditional GCB.
Average Percent Recoveries From Spinach and Oregano Extracts Spiked at 50 ng/mL After Cleanup with the 2 mL Supel QuE Verde Tube (n=3)

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55447-U Supel QuE Verde Tube, centrifuge tube volume 2 mL, pack of 100 ea
55442-U Supel QuE Verde Tube, centrifuge tube volume 15 mL, pack of 50 ea