SupelGenie Online SPE Cartridges

Supel Genie Online SPE cartridges are a sample preparation solution that offer a seamless workflow from start to finish performed entirely “online” the LC instrument. Typically, an autosampler would take the samples from a collection plate or tubes, and inject them directly onto the SPE cartridge located on the analytical instrument (LC instrument). This enables an entirely hands free workflow which eliminates the risk of human error as the most critical, labor intensive steps of the process are now automated.
Some of the many benefits of Online SPE:
  • Eliminates human error and reduces labor costs
  • Automation accommodates much higher throughput levels than manual prep
  • Even if currently performing automated offline sample prep, there is still a transfer step to LC instrument
  • Decreased cost per sample (reduced labor and increased throughput)
  • Less space - one cartridge vs. hundreds of individual cartridges or multiple 96-well plates (online cartridges much smaller than individual SPE tubes)

We currently offer 3 phase chemistries:
  • HybridSPE® - for removal of phospholipids from biological matrices that are a leading cause of matrix effects
  • C8 cartridges - for reversed-phase extraction of hydrophobic or nonpolar to moderately polar compounds
  • RP-Amide cartridges - for reversed-phase extraction of nonpolar to polar compounds and offer improved performance for polar analytes, especially those that can interact via hydrogen bonding, when compared to standard alkyl phases