Altus Science is an independent manufacturer of total organic carbon (TOC) and conducitivity-certified reference materials (CRMs) accredited to ISO Guide 34 and ISO/IEC 17025, whose core competency ist he manufacture of CRM to the highest possible standard, independent of analyzer manufacturers.
The range of certified calibrations and system suitability test kits as well as certified vials for all makes of analyzers provides you with a reliable foundation for your TOC measurements.

Pharmaceutical Water Testing
TOC and conductivity are both compendial requirements for pharmaceutical waters. TOC and conductivity analyzers must be calibrated in accordance with the manufachurer’s recommendations. For TOC analysis, a detection limit of 0.05 mg/l TOC or lower must be established.
In addition, suitable or periodic TOC System Suitability Testing (SST) demonstrates whether the analyzer is within the permitted Response Efficiency (RE) limits of 85% to 115%, and eacht tim the SST is performed, a limit response is established. The limit response is the maximum permitted TOC for the measured water.
The adoption of accredited ISO Guide 34 CRMs help to create process accountability.

Certified Clean Vials
When sampling for TOC, it is essential to use meticulously clean vials, with cap and septa, to avoid contamination.
ULTRA100 and ULTRA6 are 40ml vials (packed in boxes of 100 respectively 6 x40ml vials) are cleaned and verified in ther ISO 17025 accredited facility and certified to <0.010 mg/l TOC.

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ULTRA100 Certified clean borosilicate glass vials box of 100 × 40 mL, for TOC analysis
ULTRA06 Certified clean borosilicate glass vials box of 6 × 40 mL, for TOC analysis
A-2025-040 System Suitability Set - USP Source Guide 34
A-2040-040 TOC-Calibration Kit 10 mg TOC
A-2045-040 TOC-Calibration Kit 25 mg TOC
A-2050-040 TOC-Calibration Kit 50 mg TOC
A-2030-040 TOC Linearity Set