Supelclean Ultra SPE

Supelclean Ultra solid phase extraction (SPE) cartridges were designed for the cleanup of extracts of difficult matrices such as dry commodities (tea, spices, coffee, etc.) prior to pesticide residue analysis, typically performed by GC/MSMS and LC/MS/MS. These types of samples can contain highly concentrated pigments and oils, which may not be sufficiently cleaned using a standard QuEChERS cleanup. With little solvent usage, Ultra cartridges provide a cleaner extract and improved recovery of planar pesticides over traditional SPE cartridges without the use of toluene. By removing problematic interferences, these cartridges enable analysts to achieve detection of analytes at the ppb level.
Application article: Analysis of Pesticides in Turmeric
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Supelclean Ultra 2400 SPE Cartridges

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52779-U Supelclean Ultra 2400 volume 1 mL, pkg of 108
54281-U Supelclean Ultra 2400 volume 3 mL, pkg of 54