ASSET® EZ4-NCO Dry Sampler

Isocyanates are used in the production of polyurethane (PUR) materials, one of the most widely used plastics in the world. Workers who are exposed to these compounds are at risk for respiratory disorders and asthma. It is known with current methods that particulates form incomplete reactions with both the reagent and the isocyanate monomers to be measured which result in underestimation of exposure.

The new active sampling device is a unique dry sampler based on derivatization of isocyanate groups with di-n-butylamine (DBA). The sampler consists of a denuder and a filter, both impregnated with DBA.

The design offers several advantages over existing devices such as:
the ability to achieve low detection limits for the collection of both vapor and particulate phase isocyanates
  • sampling from 5 minutes > 8 hrs
  • fast derivatization reactions into stable derivatives
  • no storage limits before and after sampling
  • high capacity
  • no interferences
  • no breakthrough
  • no field extraction

*Not recommended for isocyanic acid (ICA)

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