Food Allergen Standards

The new full-length protein CRMs suitable as starting material for use in calibrators or controls for a variety of LC-MS/MS testing applications including allergen testing, infant formula testing, dietary, or nutritional testing applications.

Product Features:
Certified Reference Material – stability, homogeneity, uncertainty, and traceability defined
Product manufactured according to ISO 17025 & ISO Guide 34
Stability predetermined and supported with testing data
Comprehensive Certificate of Analysis

ß-Lactoglobulin A & B is the major whey protein of cow and sheep′s milk (~3 g/l), and is also present in many other mammalian species with an interesting exception being humans. ß-Lactoglobulin can cause severe allergic effects.

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L-046 β-Lactoglobulin from bovine milk certified reference material, ampule of 100 mg, Cerilliant®