Capillary GC Columns, by industry / application

Gas chromatography, first established in the 1950′s, is a mature analytical technique with many established applications. Therefore, it is probable that documented methods or journal articles exist stating which stationary phases have successfully been used for a given application. Today, GC is the preferred chromatographic technique in the environmental, petroleum, chemical, flavor & fragrance, and forensic industries. In the biofuel, agriculture, food & beverage, cosmetic and personal care/cleaning product, and clinical industries, its frequency of use is equal to other chromatographic techniques. It is used for specific chromatographic applications in the industrial hygiene, pharmaceutical, and life science industries.

We have identified the GC columns that are routinely used in the various industries. These are conveniently arranged by industry, and then application within that industry, to simplify the process of selecting the proper phase. First, follow the link that matches your industry. Then, locate the application within the text to identify recommended column phases.

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