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GC Columns for the Food & Beverage Industry

These columns are suitable for food composition/nutrition applications, as well as for food safety applications.
  • For sugars as alditol acetates, choose SPB-624 and Equity-1701
  • For free fatty acids, choose Nukol and SPB-1000
  • For FAMEs by boiling point elution, choose Equity-1
  • For FAMEs by degree of unsaturation, choose SPB-PUFA, Omegawax, SLB-IL59, and SLB-IL60
  • For omega 3 and omega 6 FAMEs, choose SPB-PUFA, Omegawax, SLB-IL59, and SLB-IL60
  • For cis/trans FAME isomers, choose SP-2380, SP-2560, and SLB-IL111
  • For fatty acid ethyl esters (FAEEs), choose SLB-5ms, Omegawax, SLB-IL59, SLB-IL60, SP-2380, SP-2560, and SLB-IL111
  • For mono-, di-, and triglycerides, choose MET-Biodiesel and SLB-35ms
  • For sterols, aliphatic alcohols, and waxes, choose MET-Biodiesel and SAC-5
  • For amino acids, choose SLB-5ms and chiral
  • For nutraceuticals and antioxidants, choose SLB-5ms
  • For organic acids, choose SLB-5ms, Nukol, SPB-1000, SUPELCOWAX 10, and SLB-IL60
  • For flavors, fragrances, and aroma, choose Equity-1, SLB-5ms, SLB-35ms, SUPELCOWAX 10, SLB-IL60, and chiral
  • For preservatives, choose SLB-5ms
  • For pesticide residues, choose SLB-5ms, SLB-35ms, Equity-1701, SPB-608, and chiral
  • For veterinary drug residues, choose SLB-5ms, SLB-35ms, Equity-1701, and SPB-608
  • For allergens, choose SLB-5ms
  • For dioxins, furans, and PCBs, choose SPB-Octyl, SLB-5ms, SPB-225, and SP-2331
  • For phthalate esters, choose SLB-5ms and SLB-35ms
  • For bisphenol A, BADGE, BFDGE, and NOGE, choose SLB-5ms
  • For benzene, choose SPB-624, VOCOL, SLB-IL59, SLB-IL60, and SLB-IL111
  • For nitrosamines, choose SLB-5ms, SLB-35ms, SLB-IL59, and SLB-IL60
  • For furans, choose Carboxen 1010 PLOT, Carboxen 1006 PLOT, Supel-Q PLOT, Alumina sulfate PLOT, Alumina chloride PLOT, and Mol Sieve 5A PLOT
  • For PAHs, choose SLB-5ms, SLB-35ms, SPB-608, SPB-35, SLB-IL59, and SLB-IL60
  • For acrylamide, choose SUPELCOWAX 10
  • For 3-MCPD, choose SLB-5ms
  • For disinfection by-products and solvents, choose SLB-5ms, SLB-35ms, and Equity-1701
  • For adulterants, choose SLB-5ms and SUPELCOWAX 10
  • For beverage analysis, choose SLB-5ms, SLB-35ms, SPB-20, Equity-1701, SPB-35, SPB-50, Nukol, SPB-1000, SUPELCOWAX 10, SLB-IL60, and Supel-Q PLOT
  • For sulfur compounds in beverages, choose SPB-1 SULFUR, SLB-IL59, SLB-IL60, and Supel-Q PLOT