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GC Columns for the Petroleum Industry

This family of columns can be used for methods to measure purity, determine composition, and identify impurities in petroleum products.
  • For detailed hydrocarbon analyses (DHA), choose Petrocol DH Octyl, Petrocol DH 50.2, Petrocol DH, and Petrocol DH 150
  • For simulated distillation (Sim Dis), choose MET-SimDis, Petrocol 2887, Petrocol EX2887, and HT-5 (aluminum clad)
  • For fuels by pattern recognition, choose SLB-1ms, Equity-1, and SLB-5ms
  • For aromatics in fuel, choose SLB-ILD3606 and SLB-IL111
  • For oxygenates in fuel, choose Petrocol DH Octyl, Petrocol DH 50.2, Petrocol DH, Petrocol DH 150, and SLB-ILD3606
  • For sulfur compounds in fuel, choose SPB-1 SULFUR, SLB-IL59, SLB-IL60, and Supel-Q PLOT
  • For impurities in fuel, choose Petrocol DH 150, SUPELCOWAX 10, and Supel-Q PLOT
  • For natural gas and natural gas liquids, choose SLB-1ms and Equity-1
  • For hopanes (triterpenes), choose SLB-5ms
  • For fenceline monitoring (FLM), choose SPB-HAP

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