OMI® (Oxygen Indicator Moisture Indicating) Polishing Purifiers

The OMI is a polishing purifier that removes many contaminants that other upstream purifiers miss. It will simultaneously and irreversibly remove moisture, oxygen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, most sulfur compounds, most halogen compounds, alcohols, and phenols to less than 10 ppb. It is recommended that an OMI be installed in carrier gas streams just upstream of every GC. It consists of two components:

  • A re-useable tube holder that is installed into the gas delivery system. The use of polycarbonate provides see-through capability along with safety.
  • A purifier tube containing an indicating resin (changes color from black to brown when exposed to as little as 1 ppm of moisture or oxygen). The use of glass provides see-through capability and prevents diffusion of room contaminants into the gas stream.

Spent purifier tubes are easily replaced. Simply unscrew the end assembly from the tube holder and replace it with a new purifier tube. The design prevents room air from entering the new tube during installation (protective foil covers on each end are only pierced as the end assembly is screwed back onto the tube holder to complete installation).