• Application: This column has intermediate polarity due to the higher (20%) phenyl content, producing a different elution order of polar compounds for confirmational information. It is often used for analyses of aromatic analytes.
  • USP Code: This column meets USP G32 requirements.
  • Phase: Bonded; poly(20% diphenyl/80% dimethyl siloxane)
  • Temp. Limits: -25 °C to 300 °C (isothermal or programmed)

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24086 SPB®-20 Capillary GC Column L × I.D. 30 m × 0.25 mm, df 0.25 μm
24196-U SPB®-20 Capillary GC Column size × I.D. 30 m × 0.25 mm, df 1.00 μm