DEX Chiral Columns

Through our DEX series, we offer a broad range of GC chiral stationary phases (CSPs) with enantioselectivities that are complementary to our CHIRALDEX phases. Both lines are based on derivatized α, β or γ cyclodextrin. Supelco DEX columns use dimethyl, diacetyl and tertbutyldimethylsilyl (TBDMS) derivatives and are used to separate volatile chiral molecules, including alcohols, aldehydes, carboxylic acids, epoxides, esters and halogenated compounds. The three derivative types give ten unique GC CSPs.

  • Permethylated cyclodextrins - β-DEX 110; α-DEX, β-DEX, and γ-DEX 120
  • Diacetylated cyclodextrins - α-DEX, β-DEX, and γ-DEX 225
  • Dimethylated cyclodextrins - α-DEX, β-DEX, and γ-DEX 325

Group 2: Surface & Inclusion Interactions, Simple Derivatives...DEX 225 and 325
Group 3: Inclusion Interactions...DEX 110 and 120

DEX columns are available individually, or in convenient and economical kits. Use our Chiral Screening Service to help you choose the right column for your application.

DEX Kit I (24340): Contains one each of α-DEX 120, β-DEX 120, and γ-DEX 120.
DEX Kit II (24328-U): Contains one each of β-DEX 120, β-DEX 225, β-DEX 325, and γ-DEX 225

Chiral GC Columns Brochure