Rheodyne® Model 7000 Stream Switching Valve

Designed specifically for column selection, sample clean-up and enrichment, column programming, back-flushing and other stream switching operations. Six peripheral ports (no center port) are interconnected through a two-position rotor. Low volume flow passages (0.6 mm I.D.) minimize dead volume that can affect column switching analyses. The pressure limit is factory set at 5000 psi (350 kg/cm2), but can be adjusted to 7000 psi (490 kg/cm2). The flat-face seal is easy to adjust.

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55044 RheBuild® Kit for use with 7000/7010
58920-U Rheodyne® Model 7000 Stream Switching Valve
58831 Vespel Rotor Seal for use with 7010 Injector