Rheodyne® Model 9725 Injector

The Model 9725 injector is ideal for both HPLC and soft gel LC purification procedures for biomolecules. Performance of this 6-port rotary injector is similar to that of the Model 7725 injector, but no metal contacts the samples. Model 9725 incorporates the patented make-before-break design.The 0.25 mm ID flow channels provide low dispersion when used with narrow ID columns, but prevent excessive flow resistance at flow rates used with larger analytical columns and preparative columns. Use with Rheodyne HPT fittings and high pressure PEEK tubing. Supplied with a 20 μL PEEK sample loop, Tefzel® rotor seal, fittings for all ports, 22-gauge Luer hub needle, needle port cleaner, two Tefzel vent tubes, wrenches, mounting screws and instructions. Order additional sample loops separately.