Headspace/Soil-Gas Syringes

  • Fitted with valve and special Luer probe with side hole
  • Needle valve in hub allows gas sample to be stored in syringe during transfer to lab
  • Recommended for soil headspace extraction
  • Probe is removable and replaced with needle during injection in GC

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23986 Headspace/Soil-Gas Syringe 10 mL
23 ga (bevel tip)
50 mm × 0.63 mm
    pkg of 1 ea
23984 Headspace/Soil-Gas Syringe 5 mL
23 ga (bevel tip)
50 mm × 0.63 mm
    pkg of 1 ea
23985 Replacement probe for Headspace/Soil Gas Syringe           pkg of 1 ea