Escort® ELF Personal Sampling Pump & Accessories

This easy-to-operate, state-of -the-art sampling pump provides constant flow, unaffected by changes in battery voltage, temperature, sample load, or altitude. An internal secondary standard calibrates the pump continuously, requiring only monthly calibration with a primary standard. A built in counter monitors total operating time, and reminds you when a primary calibration is required. The pump also features a low battery function with an indicator light, and blocked flow detection. It may not be used with Tedlar® bags. Order charger separately.

The Twin Port Sampler pump attachment is designed for low flow industrial hygiene sampling, such as gas and vapor monitoring, using sorbent tubes. Two needle valves provide independent flow control for simultaneous collection on two tubes, but can also be used for a single tube by closing the flow to one valve. The sampler is compatible with any personal sampling pump capable of 1.5 Lpm flow rate and a load of 25 in of water. Total flow cannot exceed 500 mL/min.

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28160-U Escort® Elf Air Sampling Pump
28118-U Escort® Elf Twin Port Sampler
28155-U Omega Battery Charger output12 V (adapter)
28157-U Omega Battery Charger AC/DC input 110 V AC, units charged, 1
28158-U Omega Battery Charger AC/DC input 240 V AC, units charged, 1
28159-U Omega Battery Charger AC/DC input 120 V / 240 V AC, units charged, 5