Aura Mobile Phase Filter/Degasser Units

Easy-to-use Aura filter/degasser units simultaneously degas solvents and buffers and remove particles. You can eliminate spurious peaks caused by gas bubbles in your detector, and prevent particle damage to check valves and other system components. A clean mobile phase also prolongs column life.

Each unit includes a PTFE filtering/degassing assembly, ten 1.5 μm PTFE filter membranes, 40 in./1 m × 1/4 in. O.D. PTFE tubing, and a heavy wall, graduated, borosilicate glass solvent reservoir. Choose either a 1-liter or a 2-liter reservoir. The standard taper PTFE joint on the filtering assembly fits into Ehrlenmeyer flasks and other containers. The filtering assembly accepts any standard 47 mm filter membrane and is compatible with all solvents used in HPLC. Use with appropriate glassware and any vacuum pump.

The Aura filter/degasser is particularly suitable for use with solid phase extraction disks (SPED). It ensures simple disc placement, large filtration area, small restriction to flow from the disk support element, and the convenience and advantages of the liquid inlet tube (allows sediments to be transferred last).

Attaches to any vacuum line.

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58094 Aura Mobile Phase Filter/Degasser Unit reservoir size 1 L
55023 Aura Mobile Phase Filter/Degasser Unit no reservoir
58093 Aura Mobile Phase Filter/Degasser Unit reservoir size 2 L