Ascentis® HPLC Columns

Alternate Selectivity and High Retentivity Applications

The Ascentis® family of columns is the fourth generation of HPLC column technology from Supelco scientists. Ascentis columns are bonded on high purity, 100 Angstrom silica including 3, 5, and 10 micron particle size. Columns are designed for small molecule applications and are scalable from micro columns (1.0 mm I.D.) to preparative dimensions (50 mm I.D.). The family includes C18, C8, Phenyl, Si and embedded polar group phase, RP-Amide.
  • High surface area silica (450 m2/g) and advanced bonding chemistry make the Ascentis family of columns highly retentive. High retentivity allows the chromatographer to run at higher organic solvent composition.
  • Excellent LC-MS Bleed Characteristics. Ascentis utilizes advanced bonding chemistry and highly purified silica to minimize the potential for column bleed.
  • High Loading Capacity. Ascentis Si is a high surface area silica that provides a platform for high loading capacity and longer retention.

Get an introduction to our Ascentis family of columns through an instructional (23 minute) webinar.
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