R.A.M. 9 mm Autosampler Vials

The R.A.M. (robotic arm machine) vial is specifically designed to work with a robotic arm autosampler. This 12 x 32 mm vial has a shortened screw thread area, providing a larger space between the edge of the cap and the shoulder of the vial to be grasped by the robotic arm. This feature makes the vial an excellent alternative to crimp cap autosampler vials.

The R.A.M. vial incorporates a Step Vial design inside the vial neck that allows precise centering of limited volume inserts in the vial, another plus for automated system use. The wide mouth opening is 40 % larger than standard crimp style vials. This larger opening provides a largeer target area for needle penetration and helps prevent bent needles.
R.A.M. Vial with Marking Spot, 2 mL