CYCLOBOND® Method Development Kit


The kit contains one each of 5 μm, 25 cm x 4.6 mm I.D. CYCLOBOND I 2000, CYCLOBOND I 2000 DMP, CYCLOBOND I 2000 HP-RSP and CYCLOBOND DNP columns and the CYCLOBOND guidebook. The kit is an economical means to create a column-screening library.
Method development on CYCLOBOND follows a simple strategy that tests polar organic, reversed-phase and normal phase modes. Following are the recommended CYCLOBOND screening and optimization protocols:
  • Polar Ionic Mode (neutral analytes): Screening: (95:5:0.3:0.2) CH3CN:CH3OH:acetic acid:tryethylamine, Optimization: Change acid-base ratio, change type of acid or base, add a volatile salt (test different ammonium salts)
  • Reversed-Phase (all molecular types): Screening: (1) (30:70) CH3CN/20 mM ammonium acetate, pH 4.0; (2) (20:80) CH3OH/20 mM ammonium acetate, pH 4.0, Optimization: Change the % and type of organic modifier, adjust pH, buffer type and ionic strength
  • Normal Phase Mode (neutral analytes): Screening: (30:70) Ethanol/heptane (DMP, DNP only), Optimization: Increase % of polar modifier, change both solvents

We also offer CHIROBIOTIC kits to round out your chiral method development, as well as protein-based CSPs, copper ligand exchange and polycyclic amine polymer (P-CAP) CSPs.