β-cyclodextrin, dimethylated

Astec® CYCLOBOND I 2000 DM is the dimethylated product of the native beta-cyclodextrin. It separates a wide variety of structural and geometric isomers as well as a group of enantiomers not resolved on CYCLOBOND I 2000. This phase operates only in the reversed phase mode by steric bulk as the main mechanism.

Bonded phase: Dimethylated β-cyclodextrin
Operating pH range: 3 - 7
Particle diameter: 5 or 10 μm
Pore size: 100 Å

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20919AST Astec® CYCLOBOND® I 2000 DM Chiral HPLC Column 5 μm
15 cm × 2.1 mm
21150AST Supelguard Guard Cartridge Holder