Autosampler Vials, Storage Kits and Accessories

Buy from our collection of HPLC autosample vials, storage kits and accessories for use in chromatographic separations

HPLC autosampler vials are usually categorized by the vial diameter, vial height, and, the thread finish. Clear glass and amber glass offer essentially the same inertness. Amber glass is used for safeguarding sensitive samples from the being exposed to UV light. The marking spots present on many vials are convenient for sample identification information. HPLC autosampler vials are used for injecting samples from an autosampler. They come in various sizes, even though 2 mL vials are the most common ones used. Autosampler needle pierces through the cap during injection and withdraws the required aliquots of sample from the vials.  Sigma-Aldrich is happy to present autosampler vials, storage kits and accessories for chromatographic applications.
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