Microvolume inserts are sold in both glass and polyproylene materials. Polypropylene inserts are recommended for pH-sensitive samples, greater solvent compatibility, biological samples, and ionic samples becasue of the material′s inertness.
Several styles are offered including flat bottom, concial inserts with a top spring or a bottom spring, and concial without springs. Glass inserts are sold in two diameters for 2mL vials; one for standard opening (4.6 mm) vials and another for large opening (6 mm). The volume will vary depending on the length and the style of insert.

Micro volume vial inserts, when used in conjunction with autosampler vials, allow for maximum sample recovery and easier sample removal because the conical shape decreases the surface area inside the vial. Micro volume vial inserts can be used with screw tops, crimp top, or snap top vials. All conical styles of inserts are offered with the traditional pulled point as well as the improved mandrel point. Pulled point inserts are more economical, but mandrel point inserts provide a more pointed and uniform tip that enables better sample recovery.
Cone shaped inserts
Insert with bottom-spring
Insert with top spring
Shell style inserts