HPLC autosampler vials

Browse high quality HPLC autosample vials for use in chromatographic separations

The classification of HPLC autosampler vials is generally done based on the diameter of the vial body, vial height, and thread finish. Clear glass and amber glass present similar inertness. Amber glass is used for avoiding exposure of sensitive samples from UV light. The markings on the vials are useful for sample identification information. The autosampler vials can be suitably employed to inject samples from an autosampler. They come in variety of sized, 2 mL vials being ubiquitously used. Autosampler needle pierces through the cap during injection and withdraws the required amounts of analyte from the vial. Sigma-Aldrich posesses a vials of different types for chromatographic applications.
Crimp top vial
Screw thead vial, 9 mm thread
Screw thread vial, large opening
Snap Ring vial
Shell vial