Polypropylene Vials

Polypropylene vials are available in a wide range of volumes and configurations. Breakage is not an issue with plastic vials, and they are non-reactive with most sample chemistries.
  • Compatible with many solvents
  • Optimal choice when working with proteins
  • Ideal for IC applications
  • Suitable for insert-free microsampling
  • An excellent choice for storing pH sensitive samples
  • Economical to purchase

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Z162523 Vials, screw top, polypropylene volume 0.3 mL, O.D. × H 12 mm × 32 mm, thread for 8-425, pkg of 1000 ea
Z162515 Wheaton PP autosampler vials, Snap Ring volume 0.1 mL, natural polypropylene vial, 5 × 11 serum finish, thread for 11 mm